Pivotal GemFire Native Client 10.1 Documentation

Published March 9, 2020.

The Pivotal GemFire Native Client is a library that provides access for C++ and Microsoft® .NET™ clients to a GemFire distributed system.

The Release Notes, below, describe new features and list issue resolutions for both C++ and .NET clients.

The C++ and .NET clients are documented in separate user guides:

See the API docs for API details:

See the Pivotal GemFire User Guide for information regarding the server.

GemFire Native Client 10.1 Release Notes

What’s New in GemFire Native Client 10.1

Pivotal GemFire Native Client 10.1 is based on Apache Geode 1.11.

Version 10.1 includes a number of improvements:

  • SSL enhancement - support for certificate chaining, better one-way SSL consistency
  • Compatibility issues with various versions of PCC
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes. See Issues Resolved in Native Client 10.1

The Apache Geode community has a host of examples based on the latest C++ and .NET APIs (https://github.com/apache/geode-native/tree/develop/examples).

Issues Resolved in Native Client 10.1

GEODE-3415: Added support for certificate chain files in SSL configuration.

GEODE-7437: Enforced recognition of trust store in one-way SSL.

GEODE-5708, GEMNC-465: Fixed an issue with an overly-aggressive memory free-up operation in partitioned regions that caused the putAll() operation to fail when called a second time due to a closed server connection.

GEODE-6576: Improved handling of stale connections to partitioned regions.

GEODE-6624, GEMNC-438: Improved handling of data serialization error reporting by fixing a problem caused by nested exceptions.

GEODE-6800, GEMNC-448: Fixed a gcc compilation error related to CacheableFileName objects.

GEODE-6835, GEMNC-442: Added retry logic to prevent spurious server-side SecurityManager errors.

GEODE-7019: Fix closing of idle connections in native client.

GEODE-7061: Reduced the number of connections created during high load conditions with many threads.

GEODE-7299: Fixed a memory leak associated with PDX data serialization.

GEODE-7316: Fixed a race condition that could cause a client app to crash on shutdown.

GEODE-7418, GEMNC-464: Fixed an issue with PDX serialization/deserialization of JSON objects.

GEODE-7476, GEODE-7509, GEMNC-436: Fixed a memory leak that appeared during repeated queries.

GEODE-7783: Optimized connection handling to improve performance.