Getting Started with a Native Client

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This section gives you a conceptual overview of the native client. It shows you how to install the product, build native client applications on various platforms, and run the product examples.

The native client provides access for C++ and Microsoft® .NET™ clients to a Geode distributed system.

  • About the Client

    The native client delivers the full set of capabilities supplied by Java clients communicating with a Geode server.

  • Installing the Native Client

    Install the native client by extracting the contents of a ZIP file and setting up the environment.

  • Upgrading the Native Client

    Upgrade an existing native client installation to a newer version.

  • Running Client Applications

    Set up the environment for the native client on multiple platforms. Compile and run client programs.

  • QuickStart Examples

    Run the native client QuickStart examples to understand native client functionality.