Installing the Native Client

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Install the native client by extracting the contents of a ZIP file and setting up the environment.

Installation Prerequisites

Before installing the GemFire native client, complete the following prerequisites:

Uncompress the ZIP File

Uncompress the ZIP file. For example:


The directory created is the product-dir used in setting environment variables.

Environment Variables

Set the environment:

  • Set the GFCPP environment variable to product-dir.
  • Add $GFCPP/bin to the PATH.
  • Add $GFCPP/lib to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

For example, on Linux or Solaris:

export GFCPP=product-dir
export PATH=$PATH:$GFCPP/bin

Similarly, on Windows:

set GFCPP=product-dir
set PATH=%PATH%;%GFCPP%\bin