The cache is the entry point to data caching in GemFire. Through the cache, clients gain access to the GemFire caching framework for data loading, distribution, and maintenance.

  • About the Client Cache

    The cache consists of data regions, each of which can contain any number of entries. Region entries hold the cached data. Every entry has a key that uniquely identifies it within the region and a value where the data object is stored.

  • Cache APIs

    The client has two cache APIs, RegionService and Cache.

  • Local, Remote, and Distributed Caches

    The distributed system defines how client and cache server processes find each other.

  • Creating and Accessing a Cache

    When you create a client cache, you are creating a client cache instance. You must provide some basic configuration information such as a connection name and cache initialization parameters for the client’s cache instance.

  • Closing the Cache

    Use the Cache::close function to release system resources when you finish using the cache.