Configuring the Native Client Cache

This section describes the client cache functionality, initialization file, and APIs. It provides information about creating and working with caches, cache regions, and region entries.

The client cache provides a framework for clients to store, manage, and distribute application data.

  • Caches

    The cache is the entry point to data caching in GemFire. Through the cache, clients gain access to the GemFire caching framework for data loading, distribution, and maintenance.

  • Cache Initialization File (cache.xml)

    To ease the task of managing the structure of the cache, you can define the default GemFire cache structure in an XML-based initialization file.

  • Regions

    You create cache regions either programmatically or through declarative statements in the cache.xml file. Generally, a cache is organized and populated through a combination of the two approaches.

  • Region Entries

    Region entries hold cached application data. Entries are automatically managed according to region attribute settings.

  • Region Consistency

    GemFire ensures that all copies of a region eventually reach a consistent state on all members and clients that host the region.

  • Region Attributes

    Region attributes govern the automated management of a region and its entries.

  • Cache Management

    This section covers cache management.