About the Client Cache

The cache consists of data regions, each of which can contain any number of entries. Region entries hold the cached data. Every entry has a key that uniquely identifies it within the region and a value where the data object is stored.

The Cache instance allows your process to set general parameters for communication between a cache and other caches in the distributed system, and to create and access any region in the cache.

Regions are created from the Cache instance. Regions provide the entry point to the interfaces for instances of Region and RegionEntry.

Main Features and Functionality

The client cache provides the following features and functionality.

  • Local and distributed data caching for fast access.
  • Data distribution between applications on the same or different platforms.
  • Local and remote data loading through application plug-ins.
  • Application plug-ins for synchronous and asynchronous handling of data events.
  • Automated and application-specific data eviction for freeing up space in the cache, including optional overflow to disk.
  • System message logging, and statistics gathering and archiving.

For more information specific to your client programming language, see C++ Client API or .NET Client API.