Mutable and Immutable Region Attributes

Attributes that are immutable (fixed) after region creation govern storage location, data distribution, statistics, application plug-ins, and the configuration and management of the region’s data hashmap.

This table lists the immutable attributes and their default settings.

Immutable Region Attribute Default Setting
See CachingEnabled true
See InitialCapacity 16 (entries)
See LoadFactor 0.75
See ConcurrencyLevel 16
See DiskPolicy
See PersistenceManager NULL
PartitionResolver. See Overview of Application Plug-Ins.

Mutable region attributes identify expiration and cache listener, cache writer and cache loader actions that are run from the defining client. The next table lists the mutable attributes that generally can be modified after region creation by using the AttributesMutator for the region.

Mutable Region Attribute Default Setting
Expiration attributes. See Specifying Expiration Attributes. no expiration
See LruEntriesLimit. 0 (no limit)
CacheLoader. See Overview of Application Plug-Ins.
CacheWriter. See Overview of Application Plug-Ins.
CacheListener. See Overview of Application Plug-Ins.

See Specifying Application Plug-In Attributes for information about using AttributesMutator with cache listeners, cache loaders, and cache writers.

The remainder of this section examines these attributes in detail. Throughout the descriptions, cache.xml file snippets show how each attribute can be set declaratively.