Native Client Pool API

The native client API allows your clients to create and manage connection pools. The server side does not have an API.

This section lists the primary native client API for pool management. For complete information on the classes and interfaces described here, see the API documentation.

Note: Only C# versions of Pool API interfaces, classes, and methods are shown throughout the text in this section (example: Pool.GetQueryService()) . The code examples demonstrate both C++ and C# versions.


  • Pool interface. API to retrieve pool attributes.
  • PoolFactory interface. API to configure pool attributes.
  • PoolManager interface. API to create a PoolFactory object and to find the pool objects.
  • AttributesFactory class. Has a new method setPoolname which assigns a pool to a region. Operations performed on the configured region use connections from the pool.

Note: A region can have a pool attached to it. A pool may have multiple regions attached to it.