Continuous Querying

Continuous Querying describes how to implement continuous querying in the Pivotal GemFire native client so that C++ and .NET clients can run queries against events in the GemFire cache server region. It also describes main features and the native client CQ API.

  • How Continuous Querying Works

    C++ and .NET clients register interest in events using simple query expressions. Events are sent to client listeners that you can program to do whatever your application requires.

  • Implementing a Continuous Query

    You can specify CQs for any client region.

  • Managing Continuous Queries

    This section discusses how to access and manage your CQs from your client. The calls discussed here are all executed specifically for the calling client. A client cannot access or modify the CQs belonging to another client.

  • CQ API and Main Features

    This chapter documents the primary native client API for CQ management.