Creating a Proxy Client-Side Region

This section provides code examples for creating and customizing proxy client-side regions.

Note: Creating a region through the client API creates only a proxy client-side region. A corresponding region with the same name and path should also exist on the servers that have been configured for client connections and upon which the client will perform its operations.

To create a region, you create a RegionFactory using the RegionShortcut that most closely fits your region configuration. From that, create your region, customizing the settings as region attributes as needed.

Creating a CACHING_PROXY Region

This example creates a region using a CACHING_PROXY RegionShortcut with no further modifications:

RegionFactoryPtr regionFactory = 
regionPtr = regionFactory ->create("exampleRegion");

Creating a CACHING_PROXY Region with LRU

This example creates a region based on the CACHING_PROXY RegionShortcut with two additional region attributes settings. For information on the settings, see Region Attributes Descriptions.

RegionFactoryPtr regionFactory = 
regionPtr = regionFactory->setLruEntriesLimit( 20000 )
              ->setInitialCapacity( 20000 )