About the .NET Client API

The Microsoft .NET Framework interface for the client provides complete access to the C++ client functionality from any .NET Framework language (C#, C++/CLI, VB.NET, and J#). This enables clients using C# and other .NET languages to use the capabilities provided by the C++ API.

The .NET client uses a set of assemblies managed by the C++ Common Language Infrastructure (C++ CLI). C++ CLI includes the libraries and objects necessary for common language types, and it is the framework for .NET applications.

The .NET API adds .NET Framework CLI language binding for the native client product.

Using C#, you can write callbacks and define user objects in the cache. The following figure shows an overview of how a C# application accesses the C++ client API functionality through C++/CLI .

Figure: C# .NET Application Accessing the C++ API

Note: This chapter uses C# as the reference language, but other .NET languages work the same way.

The .NET API is provided in the Apache.Geode.Client namespace. This namespace allows you to manage your cache, regions, and data. Use the GemFire .NET API to programmatically create, populate, and manage a distributed system.

Note: The .NET library is thread-safe except where otherwise indicated in the API documentation.