Data Serialization APIs

Use either IPdxSerializable or IGeodeSerializable for each region. Do not mix the two.

For more information on these options, see Data Serialization.

  • IPdxSerializable interface. Provides a flexible way to serialize your domain objects for cache storage and transfer to the servers. This is a GemFire built-in serialization framework.
  • IPdxReader. Supplies operations for reading data from GemFire IPDXSerializable types.
  • IPdxWriter. Provides operations for writing data into GemFire IPDXSerializable types.
  • IPdxInstance. Instance of a PDX serialized object that you can use to access the object’s data without having to deserialize the object first.
  • IPdxInstanceFactory. Allows you to build an IPdxInstance using raw data.
  • IPdxTypeMapper interface. Allows you to map .NET type names to Java type names when using PDX serialization.
  • IGeodeSerializable interface. Superclass of one set of user objects that can be serialized and stored in the cache. These are GemFire built-in serializable types.
  • Serializable class. Wraps the C++ apache::geode::client::Serializable objects as managed IGeodeSerializable objects. Whenever C++ clients and .NET clients interoperate and are part of the same distributed system, the user-defined types that are put by the C++ clients that have not been defined in .NET are returned as objects of this class.

    The API contains overloads for most Region methods and other methods that take Serializable as a value and that are more optimized than the more generic IGeodeSerializable overloads. The application prefers using these overloads whenever the base class of an object is Serializable.

  • DataInput. Supplies operations for reading primitive data values and user-defined objects from a byte stream.

  • DataOutput. Provides operations for writing primitive data values and user-defined objects implementing IGeodeSerializable to an integer.