Using Apache.Geode.dll As a Private Assembly

To access Apache.Geode.dll as a private assembly, you need to specify a .config file for your application.

The file needs to be the same name as your application, with a .config suffix. For example, the .config file for main.exe would be main.exe.config. The two files must reside in the same directory.

Follow these steps to create a .config file:

  1. Copy %GFCPP%/docs/default.exe.config to the appropriate location.
  2. Rename default.exe.config to the name of your application.
  3. Change the href attribute of the CodeBase element to point to your Apache.Geode.dll file. Any of three path types – http, relative, or absolute – will work.

A Sample .config File

The following example shows an excerpt of a .config file. The PublicKeyToken value is only an example, and the codebase version value is not set correctly. See %GFCPP%/docs/default.exe.config for an actual example for this release.

            <assemblyIdentity name="Apache.Geode"
               culture="neutral" />
            <codeBase version=""

Note: If the .config file contain errors, no warning or error messages are issued. The application runs as if no .config file is present.