About the Client

The GemFire client delivers the full set of capabilities supplied by Java clients communicating with a GemFire server.

The GemFire client is written entirely in C++, so its initialization process does not involve the creation of a Java virtual machine. The .NET client provides operations for the .NET Framework application developer who writes in .NET languages and needs to access the GemFire server.

Clients in C++, Java, and .NET languages communicate only with the cache server and do not communicate with each other. The clients interface with the server at the sockets level and implement the same wire protocol to the server. These capabilities produce extremely high performance and system scalability.

C++ and .NET clients provide access to the full region API, including support for application plug-ins, managed connectivity, highly available data, and reliable failover to a specified server list. All of this is transparent to the end user.

You can configure clients to cache data locally, or they can act in a cacheless mode where they retrieve data from a cache server and directly pass it to other system members without incurring the caching overhead. They can be configured as read only caches, or be configured to receive notifications from the server whenever a key of interest to the client changes on the server.

This figure diagrams how .NET and C++ applications access the cache server.

Client Overview