Application Operations During Interest Registration

As soon as the client creates its regions, the application hosting the client can start cache operations, even while the client is still receiving its interest registration responses.

In that case, application operations take precedence over interest registration responses.

When adding register interest responses to the cache, the following rules are applied:

  • If the entry already exists in the cache with a valid value, it is not updated.
  • If the entry is invalid and the register interest response is valid, the valid value is put into the cache.
  • If an entry is marked destroyed, it is not updated. Destroyed entries are removed from the system after the register interest response is completed.

If the interest response does not contain any results because all of those keys are absent from the server’s cache, the client’s cache can start out empty. If the queue contains old messages related to those keys, the events are still replayed in the client’s cache.