Life Cycle of a Durable Client

This section discusses the high-level operation of a durable client through initial startup, disconnection, and reconnection.

  • Initial Operation

    The initial startup of a durable client is similar to the startup of any other client, except that it specifically calls the Cache.readyForEvents method when all regions and listeners on the client are ready to process messages from the server.

  • Disconnection

    While the client and servers are disconnected, their operation varies depending on the circumstances.

  • Reconnection

    During initialization, operations on the client cache can come from multiple sources.

  • Durable Message Replay

    When the primary server receives the cache ready message, the servers and client execute a procedure to update the queue and replay the events from the stored messages.

  • Application Operations During Interest Registration

    As soon as the client creates its regions, the application hosting the client can start cache operations, even while the client is still receiving its interest registration responses.