Declaring a Client Region

This example shows how to declare a client region in a cache.xml file.

  <region name = "root1" >
    <region-attributes refid="CACHING_PROXY" pool-name="poolName1"/>
  <region name = "root2" >
    <region-attributes refid="PROXY" pool-name="poolName2"/>
  <pool name="poolName1" subscription-enabled="true">
    <server host="localhost" port="40404" />
  <pool name="poolName2" subscription-enabled="true">
    <server host="localhost" port="40404" />
  • The pool defines a list of cache servers that the client region can communicate with.
  • The CACHING_PROXY setting causes the client region to cache data and to communicate with the servers. The PROXY setting causes the client region to communicate with the servers, but cache no data.
  • The region subscription-enabled property, if true , indicates that the client should receive data updates when server data changes.
  • Clients do not specify cache loaders or writers, which are provided by the server.