Remote Querying Basics

Use the client query API to query your cached data stored on a cache server. The query is evaluated and executed on the cache server, and the results are returned to the client.

You can also optimize your queries by defining indexes on the cache server.

The query language for the native client is essentially a subset of OQL (ODMG 3.0 Object Data Management Group,, which is based on SQL-92. OQL is a SQL-like language with extended functionality for querying complex objects, object attributes, and methods.

This section assumes that you have general familiarity with SQL querying and indexing, and with the information on the client cache.

Query language features and grammar are described in the GemFire manual at Querying. This section describes areas that are unique to the native client.

If you are using the pool API, you should obtain the QueryService from the pool. For information about the pool API, see Client Pool API.