Predefined Class Types

The FROM clause establishes collections of objects that are iterated over by the remainder of the query. The attributes of the objects in these collections are added to the name space scope for the remainder of the FROM clause as well as for the WHERE clause and the SELECT projection list.

The type specification can be an imported type or any of these predefined types.

Type Java C++ .NET
short short CacheableInt16 Int16
long long CacheableInt64 Int64
int int CacheableInt32 Int32
float float CacheableFloat Single
double double CacheableDouble Double
char char CacheableWideChar Char
string java.lang.String CacheableString String
boolean boolean CacheableBoolean Boolean
byte or octet byte CacheableByte Byte
date java.sql.Date CacheableDate DateTime
time java.sql.Time Unsupported Unsupported
timestamp java.sql.Timestamp Unsupported Unsupported
set<type> java.util.Set CacheableHashSet HashSet<type>
list<type> java.util.List CacheableVector List<type>
array<type> java.lang.Object[] CacheableArray ArrayList<type>
map<type,type> or dictionary<type,type> java.lang.Map CacheableHashMapp Dictionary<type, type> or HashTable