Requirements and Caveats for RegionService

For each region, you can perform operations through the Cache instance or the RegionService instances, but not both.

Note: Through the Cache you can create a region that uses a pool configured for multi-user authentication, then access and do work on the region using your RegionService instances.

To use RegionService:

  • Configure regions as EMPTY. Depending on your data access requirements, this configuration might affect performance, because the client goes to the server for every get.
  • If you are running durable CQs through the region services, stop and start the offline event storage for the client as a whole. The server manages one queue for the entire client process, so you need to request the stop and start of durable client queue (CQ) event messaging for the cache as a whole, through the ClientCache instance. If you closed the RegionService instances, event processing would stop, but the events from the server would continue, and would be lost.

    Stop with:


    Start up again in this order:

    1. Create the cache.
    2. Create all region service instances. Initialize CQ listeners.
    3. Call the cache readyForEvents method.