Client Authorization

Using a provided callback that implements the AccessControl interface, you can configure each server to authorize some or all cache operations.

The callback can also modify or even disallow the data being provided by the client in the operation, such as a put or a putAll operation. The callback can also register itself as a post-processing filter that is passed operation results like get, getAll, and query.

  • Configuring Client Authorization

    You can configure authorization on a per-client basis for various cache operations such as create, get, put, query invalidations, interest registration, and region destroys. On the server side, the securityclient-accessor system property in the server’s file specifies the authorization callback.

  • Post-Operative Authorization

    Authorization in the post-operation phase occurs on the server after the operation is complete and before the results are sent to the client.

  • Determining Pre- or Post-Operation Authorization

    The OperationContext object that is passed to the authorizeOperation method of the callback as the second argument provides an isPostOperation method that returns true when the callback is invoked in the post-operation phase.