Security describes how to implement the security framework for the GemFire native client, including authentication, authorization, encryption, and SSL client/server communication.

The security framework authenticates clients that attempt to connect to a GemFire cache server and authorizes client cache operations. You can also configure it for client authentication of servers, and you can plug in your own implementations for authentication and authorization.

  • Authentication

    A client is authenticated when it connects, with valid credentials, to a GemFire cache server that is configured with the client Authenticator callback.

  • Encrypted Authentication

    You can set up encrypted authentication using Diffe-Hellman or the sample PKCS implementation.

  • Client Authorization

    Using a provided callback that implements the AccessControl interface, you can configure each server to authorize some or all cache operations.

  • Security-Related System Properties (

    The table describes the security-related system properties in the file for native client authentication and authorization.

  • SSL Client/Server Communication

    This section describes how to configure OpenSSL; implement SSL-based communication between your clients and servers; and run clients and servers with SSL enabled.