Security-Related System Properties

The table describes the security-related system properties in the file for native client authentication and authorization.

System Properties for Client Authentication and Authorization
security-client-auth-factory Sets the key for the AuthInitialize factory function.
security-client-auth-library Registers the path to the securityImpl.dll library.
security-client-dhalgo Returns the Diffie-Hellman secret key cipher algorithm.
security-client-kspath Path to a .pem file, which contains the public certificates for all GemFire cache servers to which the client can connect through specified endpoints.
security-client-kspasswd Password for the public key file store on the client.
security-alias Alias name for the key in the keystore.
security-keystorepass Sets the password for the password-protected keystore.
ssl-enabled True if SSL connection support is enabled.
ssl-keystore Name of the .PEM keystore file, containing the client’s private key. Not set by default. Required if the cluster expects two-way SSL validation (the conventional case for SSL configurations).
ssl-keystore-password Sets the password for the private key PEM file for SSL.

Name of the .PEM truststore file, containing the servers’ public certificate. Not set by default. Required if ssl-enabled is true

ssl-strict-mode When true, enforce validation of cluster credentials against the specified truststore. Default is false to avoid breaking legacy applications that rely on an incorrect SSL implementation in earlier releases of the native client.