Cache Performance Statistics

Use cache performance statistics to determine the type and number of cache operations being performed and how much time they consume.

These statistics are available if the member creates a cache.

creates Total number of cache creates.
puts Total number of cache puts.
gets Total number of cache gets.
entries Current number of cache entries.
hits Total number of cache hits.
misses Total number of cache misses.
destroys Total number of cache destroys.
overflows Total number of cache overflows to persistence backup.
cacheListenerCallsCompleted Total number of times a cache listener call has completed.
pdxInstanceDeserializations Total number of times getObject has been called on a PdxInstance.
pdxInstanceDeserializationTime Total amount of time, in nanoseconds, spent deserializing PdxInstances by calling getObject.
pdxInstanceCreations Total number of times a deserialization created a PdxInstance.
pdxSerializations Total number of PDX serializations.
pdxSerializedBytes Total number of bytes produced by PDX serialization.
pdxDeserializations Total number of PDX deserializations.
pdxDeserializedBytes Total number of bytes read by PDX deserialization.
tombstoneCount Total number of tombstone entries created for performing concurrency checks.
nonReplicatedTombstoneSize Approximate total size (in bytes) of tombstones present in the client cache.