C++ Class to .NET Class Mappings

Wherever the native C++ class methods use pass-by-reference semantics to return data, the corresponding .NET methods shown in the following table return the object instead of using pass-by-reference semantics.

C++ Class

.NET Class

class apache::geode::client::AttributesFactory Sealed class AttributesFactory

class apache::geode::client::AttributesMutator

Sealed class AttributesMutator
class apache::geode::client::Cache Sealed class Cache

abstract class apache::geode::client::Cacheable

Interface IPdxSerializable or interface IGeodeSerializable

class apache::geode::client::CacheableBytes

Byte[] or ArrayList<Byte>

class apache::geode::client::Cacheableint32


class apache::geode::client::CacheableString


abstract class apache::geode::client::CacheableKey

You can use any type that implements hashcode and equals. The generic .NET built-in types are all suitable.

abstract class apache::geode::client::CacheListener

Interface ICacheListener

class apache::geode::client::CacheLoader

Interface ICacheLoader plus static class CacheLoader

class apache::geode::client::CacheWriter

Interface class ICacheWriter

class apache::geode::client::CacheFactory

Sealed class CacheFactory

class apache::geode::client::DataInput

With IPdxSerializable, IPdxReader.

With IGeodeSerializable, sealed class DataInput.

class apache::geode::client::DataOutput

With IPdxSerializable, IPdxWriter.

With IGeodeSerializable, sealed class DataOutput.

class apache::geode::client::DiskPolicyType

enum DiskPolicyType plus static class DiskPolicy containing convenience methods for DiskPolicyType enumeration

class apache::geode::client::DistributedSystem

Sealed class DistributedSystem

class apache::geode::client::EntryEvent

Sealed class EntryEvent

class apache::geode::client::Exception

Class GeodeException

all other exceptions deriving from apache::geode::client::Exception

Corresponding exceptions deriving from GeodeException

class apache::geode::client::ExpirationAction

enum ExpirationAction plus static class Expiration containing convenience methods for ExpirationAction enumeration

class apache::geode::client::Log

Static class Log. The native Log::log method is mapped to Log.Write to avoid the conflict with the class name which is reserved for the constructors of Log class. The various loglevel Throw or Catch methods are not implemented, since they are redundant to Log::Log , Log::LogThrow, and Log::LogCatch methods that take LogLevel as a parameter.

enum apache::geode::client::MemberType

enum MemberType

abstract class apache::geode::client::PersistanceManager

Not provided. You can register a C++ implementation using AttributesFactory.SetPersistenceManager but you cannot implement a new one in .NET

class apache::geode::client::Properties

Sealed class Properties

class apache::geode::client::Properties::Visitor

Delegate PropertiesVisitor

abstract class apache::geode::client::Region

Class IRegion

class apache::geode::client::RegionAttributes

Sealed class RegionAttributes

class apache::geode::client::ScopeType

enum ScopeType plus static class Scope containing convenience methods for ScopeType enumeration+

abstract class apache::geode::client::Serializable

Two options:

  • Interface IPdxSerializable

  • Interface IGeodeSerializable plus wrapper Serializable class for native Serializable and UserData objects. The native toString method is not provided, since the ToString method of the base object class provides the same functionality.

class apache::geode::client::SystemProperties

Sealed class SystemProperties

class apache::geode::client::UserData

Two options:

  • Interface IPdxSerializable

  • Interface IGeodeSerializable

class apache::geode::client::VectorT<T>

Array of the given type, such as T[]

Table 1. C++ Class to .NET Class Mappings